EDS do Rakouska

Aktuální nabídka na Evropskou dobrovolnou službu do Rakouska.


if you are interested in EVS, then please fill in the attached application form and send it back, together with a motivation letter! And please write in the project, you are interested in!

The next possibility for EVS are:
Hartheim project starts with January/February 2016, duration 12 months (2012-AT-28).
Diakoniewerk Gallneukirchen (project with disabled persons different ages, elderly persons too), at the moment not in the database, starts with september/October 2015, duration 12 months

Eggenburg K-Haus (2012-AT-3), start in September or October 2015, duration 10 months
Caritas St. Isidor (2012-AT-10), start in October, duration 11-12 months
Radio FRO (2012-AT-29), start January 2016, duration 12 months

Best wishes



Vložil: Petr Šimůnek